My Story Begins

Writing should come from a place of authenticity and transparency.I want to do that. I need to do just that! My late husband said many times to me, “Writer’s write. ” He had the amazing ability to write, but his passion was writing sermons.  There really is no time for pretense. Should there not be a sense of urgency to bring who you are to the world un-apologetically  with humility and confidence ? There is no other you. God created you with unique traits and abilities and frailties and weaknesses. You cannot embrace the part without embracing the whole.The good and the bad.  And, that takes a lifetime it seems.

I know today, nothing makes sense without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Once you have placed your trust in Him you begin to see everything through His eyes and mind and heart.  The greatest power and strength  is found when you finally realize you are not alone and with Christ living inside you